December 7, 2015 Digital Finance Roundtable A leadership summit focused on innovation and policy in fintech

About the Roundtable

We’re launching the Digital Finance Roundtable to enrich the strategic discussion between policy makers and key thought leaders in digital finance: including CEOs and senior executives from financial institutions and companies of all sizes, fintech providers, and investors focused on innovation in financial services.

The Roundtable will host CEO and senior-level summits twice per year to discuss trends in financial innovation, how those trends interact with policy, and implications for the future of financial services. These invitation-only events will facilitate a rich level of dialogue and strong opportunities for relationship-building.

The 2015 Event will be held on December 7th at
Global Incubator 1776
1133 15th St. NW
12th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Purpose of the Roundtable

The Roundtable exists to encourage candid and insightful discussion among digital finance leaders that contributes to thoughtful and effective policy that best serves the public: education not advocacy.

The Roundtable organizers believe that mutual education and regular sharing of perspectives from all stakeholders can help improve financial services policy outcomes, helping mitigate potential risks from innovation while unlocking greater potential upside. Potential benefits include improved consumer financial health, more effective retirement savings, a more inclusive financial system, enhanced economic productivity, and a more resilient financial system.

Membership Details

The Roundtable will be comprised of no more than one hundred total participants, including CEOs from all digital finance sectors (e.g., payments, lending, wealth management, digital currencies), academics, thought leaders, investors, and other key influencers in the digital finance.

Summit costs will be covered by strategic sponsors and partners.

Roundtable Format

Twice per year, Roundtable members will meet at a one-day summit for discussions with policy makers, regulators and financial institutions. Discussions will be off the record and allow members to contribute perspectives and insights.